Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dark Shadows II, 2011

A continuation of the Dark Shadows drawings....

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life in gravethey serve a lovely supper therevision not clearplans for the future
"life in grave""they serve a lovely supper there""the vision wasn't very clear at all""plans for the future included you"
lost to herselfno margin for errortonight she sang
"lost to herself and others""no margin for error""unerring instincts""tonight she sang her song"
do not followstaring into his eyescuriously silent
"light touch flame touch light""do not follow my path""staring into his eyes""you're curiously silent...disappeared into another night"
unpredictable seizuresend of a dreamwe were in that dreamcan the legends be true?
"unpredictable seizures of madness""it's almost like the end of a dream""we were in that dream""can the legends be true?"

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