Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dark Shadows Drawings 2011

When it comes to the old Dark Shadows television series of the late 1960s, I admit it. I am a geek.
Along with every kid across America, my sisters and I raced home from school to watch it.
Our world was filled with potions, witches, vampires, love verses evil, spirits, fantasy and imagination.

I was able to watch the series yet again. This work was made during a month of intensive drawing,  when the thin thread between dark nights and gray mornings broke and there was no difference.
Fragments of words and phrases gathered on sheets of paper to tell another story.

Here is a sampling, graphite and pencil on paper.

Click on any photo for larger view and slideshow.

Undo the Momentdon't let it be trueI am only too realthese are uneasy days
"undo the moment""don't let it be true""these are uneasy days""I am only too real"
a gentle facehandled in due timewho calls
"a gentle face""a gap as wide as the skies""handled in due time""who calls me there? who beckons me here?"
unseen by allunder the spellwave after wavelittle girl airs
"unseen by all""fallen under the spell""wave after wave.. a doomed love""your little girl airs"
dreams one stepbut let me loveJoyous Momentperhaps the cost
"dreams one step closer""but let me love first""even the most joyous moment""perhaps that is the cost"

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