Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watchfires and Calypso Sojourns 2010

There was a painting in my studio I couldn’t finish. (Simply put, I wanted to throw it out the window). Trying to find a direction, I began to make little paintings/collages on paper.

Rather than offering solutions, they grabbed me by hand, and steered me on a course of their own, on a journey through two stories, legends, of sorts.

The first involved a Romanian queen and her former summer residence in Balchik, in the NE corner of Bulgaria. Besides an indoor waterfall, a temple under the stars to unify all religions, a vast botanical garden with winding paths, gigantic amphorae standing tall like guardians and bricked alleyways leading to nowhere, there is a marble throne facing outward, towards the Black Sea. I have wandered those pathways; I have sat on her throne.

The second was about Calypso, the sea nymph in Homer’s Odyssey, and her story.

What I am interested in, is what unites us as humans, on a deep and fundamental level. These two stories collided and conversed with each other. They crossed boundaries of culture, language and religion.

A series of mixed media collage works on paper.
Image sizes on this page are in inches.
Click on images to view in a larger format.
Despite the StormSpectresCherna Luna
"Despite the Storm" 9" x 7.5""Spectres" 9" x 7.5""Черна Луна" 9" x 7.5"
Standing TallSinging FlowersSilent Refuge
"Standing Tall" 9" x 7.5""Singing Flowers" 9" x 7.5""Silent Refuge" 9" x 7.5"
SpellboundSea NymphForeign Ritual
"Spellbound" 9" x 7.5""Sea Nymph" 9" x 7.5""Foreign Ritual" 9" x 7.5"
CalypsoUnboundCalypso's Orchid
"Calypso" 9" x 7.5""Unbound" 9" x 7.5""Calypso's Orchid" 9" x 7.5"
Balchik TrystBalchik Sea MoonBalchik Niche
"Balchik Tryst" 9" x 7.5""Balchik Sea Moon" 9" x 7.5""Balchik Niche" 9" x 7.5"
Veiled PersuasionsBeguiling the MessengersSheltered Reverie
"Veiled Persuasions" 9" x 7.5""Beguiling the Messengers" 9" x 7.5""Sheltered Reverie" 9" x 7.5"
Breath of GossamerFate deals a winning bluff
"Breath of Gossamer" 9" x 7.5""Counterpoint" 9" x 7.5""Fate Deals a Winning Bluff" 9" x 7.5"

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