Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rumblings of Ancients (Part 2) 2009-10

A series of paintings, oil on canvas.
Sizes on this pages are in centimeters.
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After living several years in Bulgaria, I relocated to the Netherlands. I began working on a series of paintings overlapping memories, sensations and events but flavored by my present circumstances. Human figures depart and revisit. The paintings are a series of spaces with whisperings of old ghosts and solitary forms, an internal reflection during the Holland winter.

Bride of SilencePhantomsHungarian Rhapsody
"Bride of Silence"
120cm x 100cm
70cm x 55cm
"Hungarian Rhapsody"
70cm x 55cm
Woven IntervalDark DreamsSilken Fantasies
"Woven Interval"
50cm x 40cm
"Dark Dreams"
70cm x 55cm
"Silken Fantasies"
70cm x 55cm
Regal RoseCourtyardMasquerade
"Regal Rose"
120cm x 100cm
120cm x 105cm
120cm x 100cm
Piano PlayerBlue MoonPeerless Advocate
"Piano Player"
131cm x 108cm
"Blue Moon"
70cm x 55cm
"Peerless Advocate"
180cm x 150cm
120cm x 100cm
50cm x 40cm
120cm x 100cm

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