Thursday, November 10, 2022

Touching Fate and All the Remembered Glory

lapses of
memory with meaning
accepted and embraced
oil on canvas, 2020/2021

"all the glory of the past..." 2020
70" x 56" (178 cm x 142 cm, ds345)

As part of my studio practice, immersed in the process of making collages and carving paper, I incorporated words and text into the framework and content of my pictures.

From stories of the moon, the hunt, the Magic Kingdom and the Bulgarian village, I now reached back to my own painting past. I wanted to revisit the vestments, my internal spaces, and be open to what would unfold.

In these paintings, familiar images resurfaced, enhanced and altered by new experiences. Gently, and most assuredly, they summoned old ghosts and were touched by the Fate of Cards.

as it used to be...the point of return...
"as it used to be..." ds571
24" x 20" (60 x 50 cm)
"the point of return..." ds478
24"x 20" (60 x 50 cm)
the revelation of grey goose...drawn to a rendezvous
"the revelation of grey goose"
42" x 30" (106 cm x 76 cm)
"drawn to a rendezvous..." ds867
43"x 32" (110 x 82 cm)
a most precious gift...the layout...
"a most precious gift..."
39" x 35" (100 x 90 cm)
"The Layout"
39"x 30" (100 x 75 cm)
a twist of Fate would have it...
"a twist of fate..."
24" x 18" (60 cm x 45 cm)
"as Fate would have it..."
44"x 36" (112 x 92 cm)
The Queen's CameoMiddle Eve
"The Queen's Cameo"
21.5" x 18" (54.5 cm x 46 cm)
"Middle Eve"
24"x 24" (60 cm x 60)

"the promise of Dawn lingers" ds 781
70" x 56" (178 cm x 142 cm)