Sunday, November 8, 2009

Staro Celo Goat Drawings Part I

I have had numerous encounters with goats while living in Bulgaria. You can't avoid them. For me, such meetings link to a memory of an event or an unusual situation.

These drawings are based on my interaction with the herd of goats at a Staro Celo farm in Bulgaria this summer. I simply loved them.... so different in looks and personalities... so intimate, curious and intelligent.

These are small works, either oil pastel or ink on paper.
Click on images to view in a larger format.

Goat Nr2Goat Nr3Goat Nr16Goat Nr4
Goat Nr25Goat Nr6Goat Nr9Goat Nr27
Goat Nr28Goat Nr19Goat Nr30
Goat Nr17Goat Nr24Goat Nr11
Goat Nr32Goat Nr29Goat Nr12Goat Nr26
Goat Nr13Goat Nr7Goat Nr15

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