Friday, October 5, 2012

Feasts of Fish and Medleys of Peculiarity, Part 2

Mixed Media Collage on paper
Click on images to view in a larger format.

Passing PerceptionsPhantasmaLunar Light of Silver
"Passing Perceptions""Phantasma""Lunar Light of Silver"
Shifting TransactionsRetinue of ShadowsInterlude and Intervention
"Shifting Transactions""Retinue of Shadows""Interlude and Intervention"
Family of the KingfishObscure HappenstanceFeast of Provocation
"Family of the Kingfish""Obscure Happenstance""Feast of Provocation"
Festivity of the AbsurdKnitting the NightЧерна Русалка
"Festivity of the Absurd""Knitting the Night""Черна Русалка"
Ancestral UndertonesPremonitionTransient Spell
"Ancestral Undertones""Premonition""Transient Spell"

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