Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dark Silence and Shadowed Secrets 2014

... selection of a series of graphite works on paper inspired by the lyrics and music of Marike Jager's album, "The Silent Song"


In early 2014, I wanted to explore in my paintings, the ideas and content of my 2011 Dark Shadows drawings. However, I found it difficult to reenter that mental space. Time had lapsed; my situation had changed. The darkness, always present, felt different. I wanted "text", but I could not find words. I wanted graphite sticks, pencils and stencils. I had this paper....Everything waited.

Along with a growing and deepening friendship, I was very fortunate and grateful to be a silent observer and witness to the making of Marike Jager's album, The Silent Song and to attend her concerts in various small churches throughout the Netherlands.

Originally, I intended to make a few drawings using the lyrics and feelings of Marike's songs, to get warmed up for "something", but once the pencil hit the paper, the hours passed, layers built or shredded. I found my entrance into that silence and darkness. I made pieces for each of the eleven songs on her album and am currently working on a series for the song "Wings".

To Marike Jager, thank you for your friendship and beautiful heart, your songs and kinship in the creative process; Henk Jan Heuvelink, for your sensitivity and musical magic; and to Minno Baartmans, artist, poet, friend, who got me writing again and was supportive in my initial journey of image and text in the Dark Shadows drawings.
"Don't You?"
"Pick Up the Phone"
various detail views from the series:

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