Sunday, June 12, 2016

Silent Night, "Wings" series II

...a further investigation and exploration of "silence", inspired by the lyrics of Marike Jager's song, "Wings"

... These drawings were made for "Wat verdwijnt blijft", MAAS-mixed group exhibition at MAAS Artist Residence, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, May 2016...

waiting watchingmove from those soundswind dance quiet
"waiting watching""move from those sounds""wind dance quiet"
high daylight dance moonlightin the trees waitingdark moonlight
"high daylight dance moonlight""in the tree waiting""dark moonlight"
daylight in moonlightfrom sounds hidemoonlight hiding
"daylight in moonlight""from sounds hide""moonlight hiding"
listening slow dancemoon rides quiet windnight listening eyes
"listening slow dance""moon rides quiet wind""night listening eyes"
tonight listeningquiet decides those soundssounds move watching
"tonight listening""quiet decides those sounds""sounds move watching"
waiting watching listening eyeswaiting watching this nightwings slow low
"waiting watching listening eyes""waiting watching this night""wings slow low"

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